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Video Tutorials

Adding Social Accounts

RecurPost some permissions in order to take action on your behalf on your social accounts. Make sure to grant those permissions.

Scheduling Content

Scheduling a post (content) on RecurPost is simple yet sophisticated at the same time. In this post we are going to show

Managing Content Libraries

Content Libraries are essentially like folders in your computers used for storing files. RecurPost allows you to create two

How to use Feed Manager

Simply add their RSS Feed and we will automatically grab their latest content as it is published.

Curate Viral Posts using Google Alerts

With RecurPost, you can now curate this content and share it on your social accounts seamlessly.

Adding an RSS Feed

RecurPost allows you to add your newly added posts from your RSS Feed directly to your library.

How to use Queue

RecurPost’s social Queue is a whole new way to easily browse through, edit, and organize your social media posts in our new design for a fresh start!

How to use Bags of Hashtags

RecurPost allows you to create bags of hashtags that you can use for every post that you create.

RecurPost Chrome Plugin

Add any webpage that you are visiting to your RecurPost libraries directly from your browser.

Import Social Media Updates

Bring your social media posts from any other social media management tool to RecurPost