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What Are The Character Limits for Each Social Media Platform?

RecurPost allows you to share your updates on multiple platforms. Each platform imposes a limit on how long your posts can be. If you try to post anything longer than that, it will get truncated. Here are the limits that are imposed by each platform.

Twitter: 280 characters
Twitter allows you to share as many as 280 characters. If your post is longer than that you will see an error in the History on the Dashboard page.

Twitter treats links differently. There is a myth that short links let you fit more characters. However, each link is 23 characters long regardless of how many letters are there in the link. Twitter is considering changing this. When that happens we will change our algorithms too.

Facebook Profiles: 5000 characters

Facebook Pages: 5000 characters

Facebook Groups: 5000 characters

LinkedIn Profiles: 3000 characters

LinkedIn Company Pages:  3000 characters

Google My Business: 1500 characters

Instagram: 2200 characters

Pinterest: 100 characters (in Title) and 500 characters (in Description)