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Twitter Variation Guidelines

Twitter’s guidelines prohibit the sharing of duplicate content on the same profile. According to Twitter, duplicate content can be a block of text, an image, or a combination of content that has been copied and pasted or repeated in any way across the platform.

While duplicate material is a strategy for spreading a message and is utilized for a variety of purposes, it can be constant, spammy, and disruptive to people’s Twitter experiences. Duplicate content can also be used to artificially magnify content, suppress information, or manipulate Twitter’s Trends, Top Search results, and platform-wide conversations.

RecurPost’s limitations on sharing duplicate content on Twitter

Twitter announced new rules in February 2018 to stop users from improperly using several Twitter accounts to unnaturally spread a message. In other words, you can no longer duplicate content on your Twitter accounts.

As a result, third-party services like RecurPost are not allowed to let users share the same post on Twitter more than once.

We have also made certain adjustments to RecurPost in order to guarantee that your account is completely safe and conforms to all Twitter policies. This means it’s no longer possible to share duplicate content on Twitter From RecurPost.

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Adding Variations to your Tweets From RecurPost

RecurPost enables you to add variations to your tweets in order to comply with Twitter’s policy, which we mentioned in this post, because Twitter does not permit the sharing of the same or identical information.

For instance, by simply altering the text that goes with your post, you can still reuse the same link, image, or video. These extra messages are referred to as “variations”. Once each variation has been shared on Twitter, you can either edit an old variation or add a new one. You can add as many variations as you want to a post.

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Benefits of Twitter Variations

Adding Twitter variations and consistently sharing new and engaging posts on your social media accounts can have several benefits for growing your business:

  1. Broaden Your Audience Reach: By sharing new and varied content, you can capture the interest of different segments of your target audience. This helps you expand your reach beyond your existing followers and engage with potential customers who might have different preferences and interests.
  2. Increase Engagement: Diverse content keeps your audience engaged and interested. It encourages likes, comments, re-tweets, and other forms of interaction, which in turn can boost your social media algorithms, making your content more visible to a wider audience.
  3. Stay Relevant: The digital landscape is ever-changing. By consistently sharing new content, you demonstrate that your business is up-to-date with the latest trends, news, and developments in your industry.
  4. Showcase Different Aspects of Your Business: Variations in content allow you to highlight different aspects of your products or services, customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and more. This provides a more well-rounded view of your business to your audience.
  5. Build Brand Personality: Different types of content, such as humour, motivational quotes, informative articles, and more, contribute to shaping your brand’s personality. This can help humanize your business and make it more relatable to your audience.
  6. Build Community: Varied content encourages different forms of engagement, such as discussions, polls, contests, and more. This fosters a sense of community among your followers, which can lead to stronger customer loyalty and advocacy.

Remember, while adding variations is important, it’s equally crucial to maintain a consistent brand voice and message across all your content. This ensures that your audience recognizes your business and values your content regardless of the format or topic.

How to add Variations for different post types

RecurPost will let you add variations for each Tweet whether it is a link post, text post, or a media post (image & video).

As long as there is one variation that has not been already Tweeted, your Tweets will go out as usual. Once we have posted every variation, you will need to add more variations for your Tweets to go out as per your schedule.

You can add multiple variations to the message accompanying your post. You can always see how many variations you’ve added and how many of them are still good to go on Twitter.

Just by adding variations to your tweet (post), you can repost your tweets. For instance, if you add 10 variations to a tweet then your tweet will be published 11 times. (1 main tweet + 10 variations)

Variations could be just a minor change in your original tweet.

  • For Text Post – You will have to add variations manually. You will have to change/edit your content while adding the variations. Even adding or removing a hashtag from the post will do the trick.
  • For Image & Video Posts – You can simply change the text/caption while adding the variations in the post. Your image or video can stay the same and you will be able to add multiple variations to your message. You will have to add these variations manually.
  • For Link Post – You can get a helping hand in this case as you can add variations to the post either manually or auto-generate 5 variations at a time in one go. You can use the “Auto-Generate” button while adding variations and RecurPost will take care of it. You can edit the variations auto-generated by us or use them without any changes.


  • You can add/create an end number of variations to a post. These variations will not include the post count (Stored Recurring Updates) that you get on your plan. For instance, if you have a Personal Plan and can add 500 Stored Recurring Updates to your library, the Twitter variations will not be counted as part of the post counts that you get on your plan.
  • You can only create/add Twitter variations if you have a schedule created for Twitter in that particular library.
  • Variations can only be created and shared on Twitter from RecurPost, as the other social media platforms allow you to share similar content.

Permit Repeated Tweets

RecurPost now has a feature that enables its users to repost content that is of the nature of broad public interests such as weather, emergency or other public service announcements. Please note that we advice our users to exercise caution when using this feature to share content that does not fall under the category of broad public interests as reposting such content can result in their Twitter account getting flagged.

You can learn more about Twitter’s policy on duplicate content by clicking here.

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We hope this information was helpful to you. In case you have any questions or need help while adding Twitter Variations, then please reach out to us at

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