Trouble With Managing Libraries

What is a one-time-use library?

A one-time-use library is just like another library with one difference. Updates stored in this library will only be posted once and after that, they will be removed from the library. It comes handy to store updates like the latest news. You may want to check out our Google Alert RSS Feed tutorial to start curating content via Google alerts.

How can I customize messages for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Many times, you may want to change your message for different platforms as Twitter forces you to stay within the limit of characters. For such cases, we let you duplicate your entire library. Our users rename their libraries to reflect the platform, e.g. My Library – Facebook and My Library – Twitter.

Can I stop updates going out from a library temporarily?

Yes, you can. We let you Pause a library. Once a library has been paused no update will go out from there until you resume it again. Your schedules will stay intact when you pause a library and as soon as you resume it your updates will start scheduling normally.