Social Accounts FAQs

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How many social media accounts can I connect?

We allow for multiple accounts, the number of social media accounts you can connect depends on the RecurPost plan you opt for. Check out our Plans page to see how many accounts you can connect with different plans.

Note: A Facebook page, group, and profile each will count as a separate account. For instance, if your account has one Facebook profile, one Twitter profile, one LinkedIn profile, and one Facebook group, that would be count as 4 total accounts.

Can I only add one account of each type under free plan?

Yes, you can only add one account of a kind. For instance, you can add one Twitter account, one Facebook page and a Facebook group. However, you cannot add three Twitter accounts or one Twitter account and two Facebook groups.

It says that my account is added under another RecurPost account. What does it mean?

We want you to have a great experience. This is why we want you to not get confused with many accounts. Hence, we let you have one account and one account only thereby removing any chance of confusion. You can always contact us if you forgot which email you used to sign up for an account.

Can I upload videos and post them to social accounts with the paid plans?

Yes, you can upload and post videos with a size limit of 512 MB on RecurPost. Videos posted using RecurPost appear on social platforms as if they were shared natively. This is different from just sharing links of YouTube videos as they will play right on the platform itself. This feature is available exclusively with our paid plans.

Are you looking to add Pinterest to RecurPost?

We currently support Facebook Profile/Page/Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn Profile/Company Page, Google+ Profile/Page, and Instagram Profile. Pinterest is something we are working on and will be added soon.

Questions Relating to Facebook

I have added my Facebook profile, how do I add another profile?

We have made it pretty simple. All you need to do is logout from your current Facebook account and login to the one you want to add. Then go to Social accounts menu and you will be able to add your new account.

I denied RecurPost the permission to post on my Facebook account. How do I change that?

You can visit your account settings page to do this. Under the Apps section you will see RecurPost listed. Click on Remove and then go to RecurPost. Try adding your account again and it will work just fine. Please note that you will need to reconnect your other accounts as well.

Why are my Facebook pages not there in the list when I try to add them?

Adding a Facebook page to RecurPost is only possible if you are the admin of the page.

You need to permit RecurPost to post on the Facebook page’s behalf. You can do this by first visiting this link and clicking on the ‘View and Edit’ option of RecurPost under the ‘Active Business Integrations’ option. Here you need to tick all the options of the pages which you want to add to RecurPost.

Once done, you can visit the ‘Social Accounts’ tab of your RecurPost account and click on the ‘Add Social Accounts’ button on the right-hand corner of the screen. Add your Facebook pages here and you are then good to go.

Questions Relating to Instagram

Why am I not getting Instagram notifications?

If you have logged out from our mobile app, you will not get any push notifications. If you are logged in and still do not get notifications you need to check if you have allowed RecurPost to send notifications on your phone.

If you are an iPhone user, go to Settings and then scroll down to click on RecurPost. Then click on the Notifications option on that screen. You will see the screen shown here. You can then turn on the option to allow notifications from RecurPost.

Android users can get the notifications by going to the Apps section in Settings, selecting the RecurPost app and turning the notifications option on. Here is a screenshot to show you what that screen looks like.

Even after this if you encounter an issue, please feel free to contact us.

Does Instagram work with direct posting?

At this point of time, no. We have applied for access to direct posting and we are now waiting on Instagram to approve our request.

As soon as they approve it, we will offer direct posting. Even now, using RecurPost to post on Instagram is quite easy, you can follow the steps here.

When I try to add my Instagram account, RecurPost says I need to download the Instagram app. Why is this needed?

For posting an update on Instagram, you will need both RecurPost and Instagram mobile apps. You can use our website, Chrome plugin or our mobile apps to schedule posts on Instagram. When the time comes to actually post the update, you will receive a push notification from RecurPost that you need to click on to post on Instagram. Here is a blog that explains this process in detail here.

I scheduled something for Instagram and it appears in my History, but not on my Instagram. I do have the RecurPost app so what is the issue here?

You might not have checked the box in Settings on your phone giving RecurPost permission to send push notifications for publishing on Instagram. You can do this on the Settings page of your phone (see our answer to Why am I not getting Instagram notifications?).

Once done, you will get all the notifications from RecurPost.

Once you get the notifications, you can then schedule posts just fine. Here is a blog that explains the process to post on Instagram in detail.

I’m not able to add my Instagram account from online or your app because I get the error code “You don’t have the app yet”.

We would request you to uninstall the app and install the latest version of the RecurPost app. This is because older versions of the app were not compatible with Instagram. If this still doesn’t work, please feel free to contact us.