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Twitter publishing errors

There might be certain instances when you encounter an error while posting a tweet on your Twitter accounts. It can happen due to a few reasons which we’re going to discuss, along with their possible solutions. 

1. Character limit reached

Error message: Your Tweet exceeds the standard character limit. Please consider shortening it and try again.

Solution: This happens when the text of the tweet you wrote is more than 280 characters. This is not allowed by Twitter. Please shorten the length of your tweet and keep the text message up to 280 characters or less and try posting again.

2. Tweet already published

Error message: Twitter detected that your status matches with an older one. Statuses need to be unique and exclusive to the user.

Solution: Twitter says: “For each tweet attempt, the text is compared with user’s recent tweets. Any attempt that would result in duplication will be blocked, resulting in a 403 error. Therefore, a user cannot submit the same status twice in a row.” Don’t try to publish the same tweet/content multiple times one after another.

You cannot post the same content twice on your Twitter profile. To help you with this issue, we have the feature of generating tweet variations. It will help you share the same message multiple times on Twitter account and repurposing your content, without getting penalized by Twitter.

3. Invalid image

Error message: The image you requested is invalid.

Solution: The image file is either expired or not available. Try uploading it again or use a different image.

4. Account locked

Error message: It seems your Twitter account is currently locked. Please login to Twitter to unlock your account.

Solution: Sometimes, Twitter might consider your activity on the platform as spam/malicious, and thus blocks your account. Log into your Twitter and unlock the account, or contact the Twitter help center.

5. Image size

Error message: Your image is too large. Please add a smaller image and try again.

Solution: The ideal image size and aspect ratio are 1200px X 675px and 16:9, respectively. The maximum file size is 5MB for photos and animated GIFs.

6. Error from Twitter

Error message: We had an issue connecting to the Twitter servers. Please try again later.

Solution:  An unknown internal error occurred on Twitter’s side (no API is flawless!). We recommend you to try again later.

7. Video error

Error message: We were unable to share your video as it includes certain elements that violate Twitter’s Community Standards.

Solution: This happens when you upload a video file that is too long. The maximum length of video that can be uploaded to Twitter is 140 seconds (2 minutes and 20 seconds). Replace the video file with a shorter one and try posting again.

8. Incompatible video

Error message: The video is incompatible. Please look at Twitter’s guidelines –

Solution: Check the guidelines from the above link and upload a video accordingly. 

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Don't miss out on social media traffic!

No credit card required!