Content Scheduling FAQs


I want my update to go live on a specific day of the week recurringly. How do I set a schedule for that?

Let’s answer this question with a little example. Let’s say that you want to post an update for ‘Monday Motivation’ every Monday on your Facebook Page at 9 am. To do this, you are going to need a recurring schedule.

First, create a new library from your Dashboard.

create a new library - recurpost - social media scheduler
create a new library - recurpost - social media schedule

Now, add an update in this library containing your message and/or image. This message and/or image will be what’s posted and visible to your audience.

add an update in library - recurpost - social media scheduler

After that, head over to your Dashboard again and click on ‘Add one now‘ in your library card.

add one new in your library card - recurpost - social media schedule

You will see a pop-up like so:

you will get pop - recurpost - social media schedule

This is where you will be setting up your schedule. First, select your social account that you want to post on. In this case, your Facebook Page.

Next, select your frequency i.e. how often you want to post. In this case, you want to post every Monday. So, click on ‘Daily/Weekly’ and then click on ‘Monday’. After that, select the time at which you want to post. In this case, at 9 am. 

If you don’t really know when you should post, you can also set a schedule for the best time. This means that RecurPost will automatically post your update at the time when it is most likely to receive the highest engagement.

Now, click on ‘Add Schedule’ and you’re good to go. Your schedule is created and your update will now be posted every Monday at your selected time. You can make edits to this schedule later on if you wish.

You can add multiple updates in your library and set it up for schedule in the same manner.

Why I am not able to see my update in the Queue despite filling my content library and setting a schedule?

We run our scheduler once a day and it schedules the post for the next day. If you have added your schedule less than 24 hours ago, please give it some time. If it has been longer than that, you can get in touch with us.

My scheduled updates are being posted at the wrong time. What’s happening?

It may be possible that the time zone you currently have set for your account isn’t your actual time zone. Please head over to your Account Setting and check whether you are in the right time zone. If it is correct and yet you see your updates going out at the wrong time, please get in touch with us.

How do I share Youtube links so that they play inline on Twitter?

If you want to share Youtube videos so that they play inline on Twitter, you need to remove the preview from RecurPost. When you add a Youtube link, we generate a preview that has the thumbnail of the video and its title as well as the description. 

If you remove that we will let Twitter handle the preview generation and it will resort to the default Twitter setting which is to show this video with inline playability.

Why did my scheduled updates not go out to my social account?

If you are a new user, please make sure your Time zone setting is correct. You can check your time zone by going to the Account Settings page.

You can go to the Account Settings page by clicking on your name in the top right corner on desktop browsers and by clicking on the burger menu on mobile devices.

In the case of a failed update, for instance, when a Tweet is more than 280 characters,  you will get an explanation on the history page. The history page can be accessed from the main menu on our website as well as our mobile apps.

You can fix this issue and schedule your update again.

Thanks for reading this FAQ. For more help, contact us at