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Trouble sharing posts using RecurPost

Why are my posts not reflecting the changes I made to the title and image on Facebook?

Facebook has changed its policy on customization of posts to curb the inconvenience caused as a result of fake news. They no longer allow customizing title, description or image of the post.

A new feature has been released for selected users that allows them to designate the websites they own, ensuring that any links to those sites will maintain their customizations.

When this feature is launched for your account, you will know and from that point onwards your customizations will appear fine. For now, your best bet is using OG tags.

I don’t see some of my posts on my social account. What happened?

We share hundreds of thousands of posts and almost all of them work fine most of the time. However, to err is human (machine?) and thus some posts fail to go out at times. In such cases, we tell you what went wrong next to the post as shown in this image below:

In the shown scenario, it seems the social account was paused or the library was paused after the content was scheduled. A social account can be paused by you or sometimes tokens expire. In this case, you can check your libraries as well as your social accounts to make sure nothing is paused.

You also have the option to try posting it now or even reschedule it for a future date.

I only see a few of my scheduled posts on LinkedIn. What’s going on?

LinkedIn only allows up to 25 posts on your profile per day. If you are seeing only that many going out, you are hitting the limit and therefore we can’t share more than that.

Don't miss out on social media traffic!

No credit card required!