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Instagram Reels: How to post your scheduled Reels from RecurPost

Posting a Reel have become more popular these days as a “Reel” would be a video up to 60 seconds made up of a single clip or multiple clips edited together. You can add music, on-screen text, captions, and visual effects to your video in IG’s editor. High-performing Reels content can help you attract new followers and even bring in new customers to grow your business if you’re posting from a business profile.

Please note, Instagram has set the limitation for third party scheduling tools. They do not allow scheduling tools to post Reels directly (automatically) on Instagram, it’s against their rules and policies. So we support Reels posting via push notification. All you need to do is add your contents to RecurPost and set the time. We will send you the push notification at the time which you selected.

Here is how to post Reels on Instagram using RecurPost:

  1. You will receive a push notification on your phone when it is a time to post.
  2. Tap on it from your phone, and you will be taken to RecurPost. Your Reel will be auto-downloaded to your phone, and your caption will be automatically copied to your phone’s memory.
  3. Tap on “POST NOW” option, and it will take you to the Instagram app to share it.
  4. Select your Reel. (it should be at the top of your camera roll for easy access)
  5. Make any edits in IG’s editor, paste your caption, select your cover image and share your Reel.

Here is a video showing you how it works: