How to connect your Instagram Business Profile?

RecurPost supports connecting both Instagram’s personal profile and business profile. 

a) For New users:

If you are a new user, you need to complete the sign-up process. After that, you will be taken to the dashboard of your RecurPost account.

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you will see the list of social media platforms that are supported by RecurPost.

Select the option of “Connect Instagram”, and a pop-up will appear.

From the Instagram section, select “Business Profile.” when you click it, you will be taken to Facebook’s Login Page (as an Instagram business account is always connected to a Facebook page).

Enter your credentials and login to Facebook. 

(Note: Your log in details are never saved or used by RecurPost.)

Continue and select the FB page with which your Instagram account is linked. 

A pop-up will open asking for certain permissions. Turn all of them on and click on continue. 

(Why do you need to give all the permissions? That’s because they are necessary to let RecurPost post on your social accounts on your behalf.)

That’s it! Your account will be linked and a confirmation message will appear.

Click on “OK” and you will be redirected to RecurPost’s Dashboard and connect other accounts.

b) For existing users:

When you already have a RecurPost account with social sites connected, simply go to the dashboard and click on the button saying “Manage social accounts” in the left-hand lower corner. 

A pop-up will appear that will display all the social accounts that you have already connected. 

Now, select the reconnect option. In case you connected your business account as a personal profile previously, it will automatically get reconnected. If you connected your personal Instagram account previously, you will be asked whether to reconnect that account as personal or a business one.

Select the one that applies. If it is a personal account, you just need to select the first option of “Reconnect as Personal profile” and enter your login credentials. 

If you have a business profile, select the second option and you will be taken to Facebook’s login page. The reason is that when you create a business account on Instagram, it is necessary to own a Facebook page; because both the platforms get interconnected for the purpose of running ads. 

After entering your ID and password, you will be asked to select the page that is associated with your Instagram account. Set all the permissions on and continue. RecurPost requires those permissions in order to post on your behalf. Your account will be reconnected and you will be taken back to your dashboard to start scheduling!

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