Difference between features available for Instagram Personal profile and Business profile

FeaturesInstagram Personal ProfileInstagram Business Profile
One-off postsYesYes
Recurring postsYesYes
Import posts from Social MediaYesYes
Weekly report in emailsNoYes
Create one-off posts/schedules from RecurPost’s Google Chrome PluginYesYes
Posting optionThrough Push notifications onlyThrough Push notifications only
  • Display picture: If you have a personal Instagram account, your display/profile picture will not appear in your RecurPost account. It will only be shown in the case of a business account. This is because Facebook has updated its privacy policies and even basic information such as profile picture will not be accessible.
  • Post scheduling: Both personal and business profile users can create one-off posts and recurring schedules using RecurPost.
  • Posting options: You can schedule your posts normally and use the content queue in case of both personal and business profiles. When it’s time for your posts to go out on your social accounts, you will receive a push notification from RecurPost for the same. Posts will not be uploaded automatically, which will make sure that you are aware of the content that will be uploaded. It will also help you in dealing with any last-minute changes related to posting certain content. 
Note that it is necessary to download the RecurPost app on your device in order to receive push notifications and give confirmation to upload content. Our app is available both for android and iOS users.
  • Importing posts from social media: For both personal and business profiles, you will be able to import content from any social media source that you want to. 
  • Access to reports: Detailed reports will be available only for business profiles. People having personal Instagram profiles will no longer receive access to reports feature on RecurPost. According to the updated policies by Facebook, any detail of a personal Instagram account – the likes, comments, interactions, engagement rate, etc. cannot be accessed by anyone.
  • Weekly reports through emails: As the reports are available only for business profile holders, they will get a weekly performance report through email.
  • Create one-off posts/schedules from RecurPost’s Google Chrome Plugin: Regardless of a personal or a business profile on Instagram, all RecurPost users will be able to schedule one-off posts easily using the plugin available for Chrome.