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RecurPost as an Instagram Post Scheduler

Update: Our Instagram post scheduler now supports “direct posting” on Instagram Business Profile.

Instagram post scheduler for Instagram Personal or Creator Profile and Instagram Business Profile is slightly different than other schedulers. Instagram doesn’t allow direct posting of your posts on IG Feed, Story or Reel (for Personal or Creator accounts) through third-party tools. Thus, you will need to have the RecurPost and Instagram mobile apps downloaded on your mobile phone.

Instagram Post Scheduler support by Account Types

At the moment, 3 kinds of profiles can be created on Instagram:

  1. Business Profile
  2. Personal Profile
  3. Creator Profile

Instagram Business Profile

RecurPost supports ‘direct publishing’ of posts on IG Feed and Reel (not on IG Story) for Instagram Business Profiles. However, if you have a Personal or a Creator profile, posts are posted through a push notification sent to your mobile device for the reason mentioned above.

If you have a Business account on Instagram, you can schedule a post normally by setting the date and time in RecurPost, and we will post it accordingly on your IG Feed, without you having to remember about it and without a push notification as shown in the below video tutorial of Instagram Reel.

How to post Instagram Reel directly from RecurPost

Posting a Reel has become more popular these days as a “Reel” would be a video up to 60 seconds made up of a single clip or multiple clips edited together. You can add music, on-screen text, captions, and visual effects to your video in IG’s editor. High-performing Reels content can help you attract new followers and even bring in new customers to grow your business if you’re posting from a business profile.

Here’s a video showing you how it works:

Instagram Personal and Creator Profile

For personal and creator accounts, you can start by scheduling a post for Instagram at a time of your choice or best-time suggested by us. When this time arrives, you will receive a push notification through the RecurPost Mobile App.

Please make sure that you have not stopped notifications from RecurPost. You can check this by going to your notification settings.

You need to click/tap on the notification once you receive it. This will show the Instagram post that you have scheduled for the current time. The image and the text will be displayed for your final approval.

Simply click to post it to Instagram. The text will be copied to your phone’s memory which you can then easily paste in the Instagram app. Also, your image or video will be copied over to your Instagram app.

Finally, we open your Instagram app where you can post it.

You can find a video of the process here for both Android and iOS devices:

How to post Instagram Story from RecurPost

Instagram stories are an amazing way to keep your followers up to date with important things they need to know about your business or personal life. They offer you an opportunity to strike up a conversation with people. There’s just so much that you can do with this 24-hour content format. You can promote your products, put up random daily stuff, share others’ posts or stories, talk about your brand, showcase your passion, and much much more. 

Please note, Instagram has set the limitation for third-party scheduling tools. They do not allow scheduling tools to post Story directly (automatically) on Instagram, it’s against their rules and policies. So we support posting on IG Story via push notification. All you need to do is add your contents to RecurPost and set the time. We will send you the push notification at the time you selected.

Here’s a video showing you how it works:

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at any time at