How To Share On LinkedIn Using RecurPost

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Sharing images, videos, and links on LinkedIn via RecurPost is a little different from other social media platforms.

Let us see how.

How to Create a Text Post

If you are only posting text, it will appear the same on LinkedIn the way you have typed it on RecurPost.

This is how the post looks like on RecurPost

This is how the post looks like on RecurPost

The final update on LinkedIn...

This is how a text post looks like on LinkedIn

How to Create a Post with an Image or Video

Here, you can select images, videos or GIFs from various sources to post to LinkedIn using the ‘Add Media’ option.

LinkedIn does not allow us to post images or videos natively, therefore we need to host your media on our servers and pass a link to that media over to LinkedIn.

This is the preview at RecurPost.

This will be posted stating that the media is shared via RecurPost (in case of free accounts) or the name of the account holder (in case of paid accounts).

This is how it will look on LinkedIn

When anyone clicks on the post on LinkedIn, they will be redirected to the page where we host this image or video.

Here is what that page looks like.

This is how the new window for media posts will look like.

How to Share Links on LinkedIn

RecurPost helps you to customize any link that you want to share on LinkedIn. Such a feature is currently available exclusively for LinkedIn.

For any link that you paste in the message box, RecurPost fetches an image from that link along with a title for this link.

LinkedIn allows you to customize the image or the title for this link. This can be done in the Preview window by clicking on the + button to change the image, while the title can be changed by simply typing over it.

You can change the image from the encircled + button and change the title by writing over the text shown with the arrow.

When this post gets shared on LinkedIn, it will appear with your custom image and title as shown in the screenshot below. If someone clicks on the Image or the title then they will be taken to the link you shared. This is how a link post is different than a media post. In the case of the media post, clicking on the image redirects you to the page where that image is hosted.

Here the image and title have been changed. The link remains as it is.

Note: If you add media to the link from the ‘Add media’ option instead of the + option in preview, the link post will get converted into a media post.


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