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How to share a post on LinkedIn using RecurPost

With RecurPost, you have the ability to schedule posts on both your personal LinkedIn profile and your company pages. The process of sharing images, videos, and links on LinkedIn through RecurPost is similar to that of other social media platforms.

Now, let’s take a look at how to share a post on LinkedIn.

1. Connect your LinkedIn accounts

To connect your LinkedIn accounts click on the ‘ADD’ button on the left-hand side of the Dashboard page. A pop-up window with a list of social accounts shall appear. Under the LinkedIn logo, you shall see two selections: Profile and Company. Select the one that you wish to connect to.

You shall be directed to the LinkedIn’s login page if you are not already logged into your LinkedIn account on your browser. The next screen will ask you to give RecurPost certain permissions in order to post on your account. Don’t worry, no personal information or login credentials will be saved or used by RecurPost. Click on ‘Allow’ and your LinkedIn account shall be connected.

2. Create a One-off post

One-off posts are helpful when you want to schedule a single post on multiple accounts. These posts will be shared on your accounts just once. To create a one-off post, click anywhere inside the ‘Share a Post’ dialogue box on the dashboard.

A pop-up window will appear where you shall be able to add your content. Add description/caption, attach images/video or create a graphic directly from Canva, add hashtags, include emojis, insert a link (a preview will be automatically fetched) and select the LinkedIn account that you want to post on.

When you are done adding the details, either post it immediately or schedule for a later date and time.

3. Add content in libraries

You can fill up your libraries with awesome content and set a recurring schedule to make all that content go out in a loop on your LinkedIn accounts. You shall find all your content libraries in the ‘Recurring Posts’ tab. 

When you sign up, some libraries will be created by default for you. You can edit or delete them, or create as many new libraries as you want. In these libraries, you will find a lot of options to add recurring posts. You can add a single post, add images/videos/text/link posts in bulk, add content through a CSV file, import content from a social account, or set up an RSS feed.

4. Create a Recurring Schedule

After adding content to your libraries, you need to set a recurring schedule to let the posts go out on your social accounts. To set a recurring schedule, go to the library and navigate to the ‘TIME SLOTS’ tab. Then click on ‘ADD RECURRING TIME SLOTS’ button.

Here, you can select the frequency at which you want your posts to go out. Choose an option between Daily/Weekly, Monthly or Custom, set the time, and click on the ‘ADD TIME SLOT’ button.

That’s it. All the posts in your libraries will be posted according to the set schedule/s. 

Now let’s see how your LinkedIn posts will appear once posted through RecurPost.

– How will text posts appear on LinkedIn

If you are only posting text, it will appear the same on LinkedIn the way you have typed it on RecurPost. 

This is how you will compose a one-off post.

This is how the post shall appear on LinkedIn.

– How will image and video posts appear on LinkedIn

Here, you can add Images, Videos, GIFs or Upload document (Carousel) from various sources to post to LinkedIn using the ‘ADD MEDIA’ option. You can also add a ‘First Comment’ to this post.

LinkedIn allows us to post images or videos natively, therefore we directly post an image or video on your account. 

Here is how those posts shall look like.

– How will link posts appear on LinkedIn

When you paste a link into the message box, RecurPost will automatically retrieve a title, image and description from that link.

If you’re posting a link on LinkedIn, you can also choose to upload your own image instead of using the default OG link image.

This is how your post would appear on LinkedIn.

That’s all you need to know about how to post on LinkedIn. If you have any queries, please write to us at 

Don't miss out on social media traffic!

No credit card required!