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How to Set up your RecurPost account?

Step 1: Log in to your RecurPost account and connect social accounts

To get started, log in to your RecurPost account. If you haven’t added your social accounts, you can do so from the dashboard. Learn how to add your social accounts here. All the connected social accounts will appear on the left-hand side panel of Dashboard.

Step 2: Create content libraries

Content libraries allow you to categorize your social posts into different manageable units. Dividing your content into different categories makes it easier for you to schedule your content. By dividing content into libraries like My Blog, Other People’s Content, Interesting Questions, and Witty Quotes, etc, you can easily manage and schedule your content. It also helps you execute your content curation strategies in a manageable way.

To learn how to create libraries, read this guide

Step 3: Add content in libraries

RecurPost allows you to add multiple kinds of content, giving you the freedom to have variety in your posts. Different types of content supported by RecurPost are text posts, link posts, image posts, and video posts. You can choose to either add one-off posts that will go out to your account just once or you can create the post in your library for repeated use.

To learn how to add content in your libraries, click here.

Step 4: Create recurring schedules

With our new design, RecurPost has made it more seamless and user-friendly than ever before to schedule your posts. We have made scheduling easier to understand and visualize so you can carry out your social media operations smoothly and more quickly. See how to create schedules in detail here.

Your RecurPost account is now all set for posting. 

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Don't miss out on social media traffic!

No credit card required!