What are One-time-use Libraries and How Do They Work?


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One-time-use libraries are just like regular libraries. The only difference is that in a one-time-use library, once your update has been posted on your social account, it will not be posted again recurringly and will expire.

These expired updates are then stored under a separate library, namely, the ‘Expired Content‘ library where you will be able to see all of those expired updates that you had previously posted.

Let’s see how to create a one-time-use library.

First, go to the ‘Content Library‘ menu and click on ‘Add new library‘.

content library - recurpost - social media scheduler

On the next screen, give your library a name and make sure you have checked the “One time use library” box.

one time use library - recurpost - social media scheduler

Once you’re done with that, simply click on ‘Add library‘ and you’re good to go. You can now go back to the ‘Content Library‘ menu to view your newly-created One-time-use library.

Adding new updates and scheduling your one-time-use library works the same as doing so for regular libraries.

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Once you’re done adding your content and scheduling your one-time-use library, it should look a little something like this:

scheduling content - recurpost - social media scheduler

Keep in mind that once the updates in your one-time-use library have been posted to your social account, they will not repeat in recurring cycles like regular updates.

Instead, they would simply expire and be put in a separate library named ‘Expired Content‘ like so:

expired content - recurpost - social media scheduler

If you want to copy and reuse an expired update, you can do so by simply clicking on the ‘copy‘ icon and selecting the libraries in which you want to copy that expired update as shown in the image below.

copy icon - recurpost - social media scheduler
copy icon - recurpost - social media scheduler

Once you’re done with that, head over to the library in which you copied your expired update. It should look something like this:

after copy icon action - recurpost - social media scheduler

Here, you can customize your now-reused update just like a regular update. You can edit, move, post, schedule, expire, or delete this update as per your preference.

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