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RecurPost has an intuitive way to set when and how much should go on your social accounts. Our calendar like scheduling screen allows you to quickly verify that the system is set as per your preferences.


In the screen shot above you can quickly look at when is content scheduled to go on those accounts. There are two ways you can schedule content:

Predefined Time: You can set a social update to go out at a time of your choice. Such as you can set it to go out at 6:30 PM every day or 9:00 AM every Monday. This is helpful when you know exactly when that post should go out, e.g. at the end of work hour or during lunch time.

RecurPost Predicted Time: RecurPost can find the best time for your to post. This works when you want to post your content at that time of the day when it is likely to get best engagement. If you select multiple posts in a day set for best time, we will find multiple best times (first best time, second best time and so on) and schedule social updates on those times.

You will not see content scheduled right away: Most of our new users get confused when they do not see content right after they add a schedule. This is because our scheduler runs at 8 AM GMT (UTC) time every day. It schedules content for the next day on every run. So if it is Sunday today when you added your schedule, the scheduler will pick your schedule when it runs next (on Sunday if it is not 8 AM yet or on Monday). Also, remember that when it runs on Monday, it will schedule content based on your schedule for Tuesday. So you may not see content on Monday until next week.

Here is a video explaining how to schedule content on RecurPost:


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