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Note: We are concentrating on Facebook groups, but themed updates work just as well with other networks too.

If you are part of multiple Facebook groups, then you must have seen that Facebook group engagement on some of them is high while the others do not have much engagement. There is a secret weapon that the groups with higher engagement utilize to do better than other groups with similar members.

In this post, we are going to reveal the secret weapon these groups have been using to get a crazy amount of engagement weeks after weeks. It is a lot of work, but once you use RecurPost, we take care of that work for you. All you need to do is to set it up once.

Facebook group engagement 101

The first rule of Facebook group engagement is to make sure your community is active in your group. For you to do this, the new members should see that the old members are actively engaging via comments, new updates, and reactions to the updates.

Most of the people are lurkers in online communities. To convert them into “posters”, you need to break the ice yourself. It would help if you built the trust that posting in the group is no extraordinary feat.

Your members need to believe that when they post something, they are talking to a group of like-minded people who are there to help each other out.

It would help if you encouraged your group members to post on your group continually. Once someone post an update and gets good replies, they are likely to post again as soon as they have a question. Building such trust is what you want to achieve.

Theme updates to increase Facebook group engagement

The secret weapon that I mentioned at the beginning of this article is what they call “themed updates”. For instance, one of the groups that I am a member of, called “The Front Row” has separate updates for each day.

Mondays are known as for “Mind Mapping Monday” where Jen shares an update asking members to post three things they want to accomplish in the following week. She encourages members to reflect on the three items from last week that they wanted to achieve.

Tuesdays are called “TACO Tuesdays” where TACO stands for Technology and Apps Creating Opportunities. This update asks members to share their favorite technological innovation or apps that help them.

Themed posts for Facebook group engagement - recurpost - social media scheduler

There are separate updates like that for each day. These updates get high engagement and make sure that the group stays active every day.

When there is constant activity on a Facebook group, it attracts more action, and thus you see the snowball effect resulting in a group that members love.

Increasing Facebook group engagement using RecurPost

At RecurPost, our speciality as a social media scheduler is recurring schedules. We are the best of every tool out there to setup themed updates for your Facebook groups.

  1. To set up your themed updates on your Facebook group, first sign-up for RecurPost by going to the sign up page.

2. Once you are in, go to the dashboard menu and connect your Facebook group. Follow the process to add a Facebook group as Facebook requires you to install the app on your Facebook group first. Here is a blog post on that process if you need help.

3. While on the Dashboard page, create seven different libraries and name them based on the days such as Monday, Tuesday etc. If you are going to create separate themed updates for multiple groups, you can call your libraries accordingly. For instance “Monday updates for My Group”, “Tuesday updates for My Group” etc. where “My Group” is the name of the group.

4. Add themed updates under each library. You can do that by clicking on the three dots menu next to the name of the library, or you can click on a library to go in and then add your update.

You can add more than one update if you don’t want to repeat the same update every week. For instance, if you add four updates to a library, then we will be sharing an update again only after four weeks.

5. Now that your account, as well as your libraries, are ready, add a schedule for each library. Click on the Plus icon under the library and add a schedule for the corresponding day.

For instance, create a schedule to post on your Facebook group every Monday from your Monday Library. You will create seven schedules this way. If you don’t want to post on weekends, you will create five schedules.

There is nothing more to do after you have finished the five steps above. You don’t need to worry about your themed updates ever again. They will keep going on your Facebook group forever without requiring a single minute from your busy life.