Queue FAQs


Why don’t I see any updates in my current Queue?

Our scheduler runs once a day at 8 AM UTC and it schedules content for the next day. For instance, if you created your schedule for your library today after 8 AM UTC scheduled for the day after tomorrow, you will only see the content scheduled in ‘Queue‘ tab when it is after 8 AM UTC tomorrow.

Can I change the date and time for my scheduled updates?

Of course! You can edit any updates. Along with the date and time, you can also change the title, image, and description of your update. You can also delete an update or publish it right away.

Can I check my update history?

Yup, you can easily see your update history. Simply head over to the ‘Queue’ menu and click on the ‘History’ tab to see your posted updates. You can even set a specific date range to see the updates posted between those dates.

What is ‘Future Post Preview’ and how does it work?

Future Post Preview is where you’ll be able to see all of your scheduled updates that are yet to be posted within the remainder of the current month and the end of the next month. 

Simply put, you can view your updates up to two months in advance. This allows you to “look into the future” and gives you room to make improvements and optimize your posting strategy.

You can also view how these updates would look like on different social media platforms by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon on your update and then selecting the social platform that you wish to preview for.

Keep in mind that you cannot edit your updates in the Future Post Preview. As the name suggests, it only allows you to ‘preview’ your updates. To make any edits to your updates, you will either need to do so from the Queue tab or your Content Library.

What is the difference between Queue and Future Post Preview?

It’s pretty simple.

The only major difference between Queue and Future Post Preview is of time duration and functionality. Let’s see how.

The Queue allows you to see all of your one-off updates (irrespective of the scheduled date & time) and the recurring scheduled updates that are soon to be posted on your social accounts (ideally, within the next two days).

You can also make any last-minute changes and edit the scheduled date & time, message, image, or targeted social accounts for these updates. The changes you make in Queue will not affect the content in your Content Library.

The Future Post Preview, on the other hand, is where you can view all the updates that are scheduled to be posted before the end of the next month. You can also view your updates according to the library they belong to or the social account they are targeting. Unlike Queue, you cannot edit your updates here.

We hope these FAQs were helpful. Feel free to reach out to us at support@recurpost.com for more info.