How to Manage Team Members?


RecurPost allows you to invite your team members to manage your account. It comes handy when you have multiple people to manage accounts.

Our team management feature is very intuitive. You can invite a new team member by going to Team Management Menu.

You will see a list of Team members who have access to your account as well as the option to invite more people.

Inviting a new team member is a 3 step process. You enter their email address, select the social accounts, and select the content libraries that they can manage.

You can only invite those users who already have a RecurPost account. If they don’t have an account you will need to ask them to sign up for a RecurPost account first.

Once you invite someone, they will get an email and accept the invitation from there. Also, they can accept that invitation from RecurPost account by going to the Team Management menu.

You can invite as many team members as your plan allows. If you want to invite more users you can upgrade your plan. You can also contact us if you only want to add more users.

If you have any questions please do not forget to contact us.


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