How to create a One-off Update


After creating an account on RecurPost and connecting your social media accounts, it’s time to create one-off updates. A one-off (non-recurring) update is the update that you’ll be sending out on your selected social accounts just once. 

In order to create a one-off update, follow the below steps:

1. While on the Dashboard/Queue page, click on the box saying ‘Click here to share a one-off update on your social accounts’.

create one-off update by using recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

2. A pop-up window will appear. This is where you’ll be adding all the details of your one-off update. 

how to create one-off update by using recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

3. First, select all the social accounts on which you want to post the update. Next, type in the message/description/caption in the area given below the icons of your social media accounts.

You can customize your update by using emojis, hashtags, uploading images, or adding videos.

If you include a link in your message and do not use any other image or video, a preview will automatically be generated using the link that you entered.  

As you enter all the details of your update, a preview will be generated on the side, where you can see how your update will appear on all the social channels.  

It will look something as shown in the image below.

how to create one-off update by using recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

4. Now, in case you also want to add this update to your library as well for later use or editing, you can do so by ticking the ‘Add this update to libraries too’ box.

This means that your one-off update will also be copied to your selected libraries which you can later edit as per your preference.

5. Once you’re done with that, it’s now time to schedule your update.

You can do so by ticking the ‘Schedule Update’ button and selecting your preferred date and time of posting like shown below:

how to create one-off update by using recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

Click on the ‘Schedule’ button after entering all the details. If you don’t want to set up a schedule and want to post your update instantly, uncheck the ‘Schedule Update’ button click on ‘Post Now’.

6. You also have the option of auto-scheduling the update for the best times.

Just select the box saying ‘Auto-schedule for best time within next 24 hours’ under the ‘Schedule update’ section. RecurPost will then identify your unique best time to post on social media and upload your one-off update.

Points to Note:

1. When you are posting on Instagram personal profile:

You will get a push notification on your mobile immediately. (On the selected time in case of a scheduled update) Click on it and all your added data will be copied to the clipboard. Next, select where you wish to post the update – Feed or stories. Your update will show up and then you can complete the upload process.

2. When you are posting on a Facebook personal profile:

If you select ‘Post Now’, your data will be copied and you will be taken to your Facebook profile in a new tab in your web browser. From here, you can add additional details and post your update.

If you have scheduled the update for a later time, you will get a push notification through RecurPost’s mobile app. On clicking it, you’ll be taken to Facebook’s application and your data will be copied. You can make your update live from this screen.

3. Zapier integration for Instagram business profile:

RecurPost is connected with the Zapier ecosystem. Zapier lets you connect one app to another using ZAPs that helps in automating the workflow to a huge extent. This integration will enable you to upload single image updates, video updates, and link updates directly on your Instagram business account. To learn how to directly publish on Instagram business profile from RecurPost via Zapier, click here.