Can I Create Feeds on RecurPost using content from other websites?


RecurPost now allows you to add your newly added posts from your RSS Feeds directly to the top of your library.

A lot of our users reached out to us and expressed how they want their new feed posts to be published before others so they can stay updated and relevant to their audience on social media.

You asked; we delivered.

Let’s see how this feature works and why it’s helpful to you as a RecurPost user.

First, you’ll need to add a new feed if you don’t already have one. You can do so by simply heading on to ‘Feed Manager’ from the main menu and clicking on the Add New Feed’ button.

feed manager -  recurpost - social media scheduler
feed manager - recurpost - social media scheduler

Then, you’ll need to add 3 things at large:

1. The RSS address of the feed you want

2. The library in which you want your feed posts to appear

3. Select approval preferences

Once you’re done with that, click on the ‘Move new posts to top of the Queue’ button. It is through this button that you’ll be able to move your feed posts to the top of your library after approving them from your feed.

Next, click on “Add Feed” and you should see your feed appealing like shown in the image below:

add feed - recurpost - social media scheduler

You’re almost done. Click on your feed and select which posts you want to accept () or reject (✖). 

The posts that you accept will appear in your library which you can later schedule and post on your social accounts like a regular update.

add feed - recurpost - social media scheduler

For example,

If I want the first post to appear in my library, I can simply click on the ‘✓’ sign beside the post. This approved post will then appear in my library.

If I want to approve or reject multiple posts at the same time, I can do so by selecting them like so:

approve or reject multiple posts -  recurpost - social media scheduler

After selected your posts, go ahead click on ‘Approve Selected’. After that, click on ‘Yes, Approve’ on the following pop-up:

approve selected - recurpost - social media scheduler

Once you do so, your approved posts will go to your library. Head over to your library from the Dashboard and it should look a little something like this:

Head over to your library from the Dashboard - recurpost - social media scheduler

From here on, you can edit these updates and add in your own message/caption by clicking on the “ icon beside the update and selecting ‘Edit’.

What If I Want To Schedule A New Feed Post on RecurPost?

It’s pretty simple. 

First, you’ll need to connect your social accounts to RecurPost. You can do so directly from the Dashboard.

For instance, if you want to connect your Facebook Page, click on ‘Connect Facebook’ and then click ‘Page’.

After connecting your social account(s), you’ll need to schedule your library (which you’ve selected for your feeds) like you normally do for other libraries. 

To do so, first find the ‘Schedule’ menu from the drop-down list by clicking on your account name on the top right.

schedule - recurpost - social media scheduler

Then, click on the ‘Add Schedule’ button on the top right.

add schedule

On the following pop-up, you’ll be selecting 4 things:

1. Social Account – which social accounts you want to post on

2. Library – select the library that contains your feed posts

3. Frequency – how often you want to post i.e. every Saturday or 5th of every month

4. Time – at what time do you want your feed updates to be posted on your social accounts

Bonus: If you’re not sure at what time you should post, RecurPost gives you the option to select the best time to post your updates. 

Our advanced AI-based scheduler figures out the time at which you are most likely to receive the highest engagement.

receive highest engagement

In this case, I have selected my Facebook Page as the social account that I want to post on. You can connect multiple social accounts to RecurPost according to your plan.

Let’s say I want to post every Saturday at 6 pm. I can do so by clicking on the “Daily/Weekly” button and then clicking “Saturday”. You can do the same for monthly-basis by clicking on “Monthly” and then selecting the dates.

After selecting all of the above, go ahead and click on ‘Add Schedule’. Once you do, your new schedule is created and it will look a little something like this:

add schedule

After that, head on to your library and you should see a little ‘pointer’ on the first post. 

This means that your feed posts are scheduled to go out to your social accounts one after the other in a recurring manner (unless it is a one-time-use library).

It should look something like this:

look like after schedule - recurpost - social media scheduler

Now, each time you accept a new post from your feeds, it will appear on top of the post which has the pointer while the pointer itself will also move to the newly accepted post like so:

newly accepted post - recurpost - social media scheduler
schedule next

If you want a different post to go live on your account first, simply click on the ” ” icon beside that post, select “Schedule Next” and select your social accounts and click “Save” like so:

save next schedule

Once you’re done, you will see how the pointer has shifted to the post that you just scheduled like so:

look after save of next schedule

From here on, any new posts that you accept from your feed will appear on top of the ‘pointed’ post (as the pointer keeps shifting to the new one).

The posts on the very top that aren’t scheduled, however, will go live on your accounts once all the other ones have gone out as the cycle repeats.

You can also schedule your post directly by dragging it to the position where the pointer rests using the drag icon on the bottom right of a post.

If you still have any queries, feel free to ask us at your convenience at