Editorial Calendar FAQs


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Why don’t I see anything on my Editorial Calendar?

Our scheduler runs once a day at 8 AM UTC and it schedules content for the next day. For instance, if you created your schedule and added content to your library today after 8 AM UTC, you will only see content scheduled tomorrow.

Can I change the date and time for my scheduled updates?

Yes, you can edit any update. You can change the date and time as well as the title, image, and description. You can also delete an update or post it right away.

Can I check my post history?

Yes, you can select the dates of your choice to look at the posts made during those dates. Your posts will be listed in chronological order on the Editorial calendar.

How does the Smart Queue feature work?

The Smart Queue feature is an easy-to-understand calendar that shows which updates are due to be posted. You can look at your calendar for as long as two months in the future.

The Smart Queue feature allows you to filter updates according to the libraries or social media accounts, simplifying your viewing experience.

You can view how these updates would look like in the respective social media accounts by hovering around the updates and clicking on the ‘eye’ icon.

You cannot edit any update from Smart Queue though. You will either need to do that from Editorial Calendar or from the Library itself.

What is the difference between Editorial Calendar and Smart Queue?

With the Editorial Calendar, you can edit and/or schedule updates to any, some or all of your social media accounts.

You will see your scheduled posts in the Editorial Calendar. These could be posts that we scheduled as per your schedule or one-time posts that you added manually.

The Smart Queue, on the other hand, is a feature that lets you view all the updates that you have scheduled 60 days in the future. You can filter the updates as per the social accounts or libraries.

With the Smart Queue, you can also see a preview of all the updates that will go out from RecurPost.

For instance, if you have scheduled to post motivational quotes every Monday on Twitter via RecurPost, you can view each scheduled update for every Monday on the Smart Queue tab up to 60 days (next 8 or 9 Mondays).