Character Limits for Various Social Platforms

  Social Updates

RecurPost allows you to share your updates on multiple platforms. These platforms impose a limit on how long your posts can be. If you try to post anything longer than that, it will get truncated. Here are the limits that are imposed by these platforms

Twitter: 280 characters. Twitter allows you to share as many as 280 characters. If your post is longer than that they will be truncated to fit 280 characters. Twitter treats links differently.There is a myth that short links let you fit more characters. However, each link is 23 characters long regardless of how many letters are there in the link. Twitter is considering changing this. When that happens we will change our algorithms too.

Instagram: 2,200 characters. Instagram allows up to 2200 characters in your description. Since Instagram does not have APIs that let you post directly, we send you your information when it is time to post and with a single click you can post your Instagram posts.

Facebook Profiles: 5,000 characters

Facebook Pages: 5,000 characters

Facebook Groups: 5,000 characters

LinkedIn Profiles: 700 characters. LinkedIn lets you post update with as many as 1300 characters when you post natively. However, they allow 700 characters max when third party apps post to Linkedin. We choose to play by LinkedIn’s rules and thus your posts are limited to that. 700 characters are plenty though.

LinkedIn Company Pages: 700 characters

Google+ Profile: 5,000 characters

Google+ Pages: 5,000 characters

When you add an update to a library, we let you add up to 5,000 characters. However, when we post that update on a social account that allows less than 5,000 characters, we automatically remove the excess letters. If you don’t want this to happen, we recommend creating separate libraries for separate accounts. For instance, you can create your library for Twitter and then duplicate it for Facebook. In this duplicated library, you can expand your updates to have more characters.


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