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Facing issues while adding a Facebook Page or Group

This is a rather common issue with Facebook. At times, it is possible that you may not be able to see your Facebook Page or Group when you try to add it to your RecurPost.

There can be many reasons for this. Let’s take a look at them and how you can fix each issue.

In this article:

Why your Facebook Pages or Groups are missing and How To Fix each

1. RecurPost does not have needed permissions: You will need to grant RecurPost the necessary permissions before we can have access to your Facebook profile. In some cases, however, you may need to re-connect your account and re-grant permissions.

How to fix: There may be several cases where RecurPost will ask you for your permission. You will need to accept each whenever prompted. You can check the permissions you have granted us from Facebook’s Business Integrations page.

2. You unselected permissions during authorization: RecurPost needs your permission to be able to post on your behalf on your Facebook Page or Group. If you can’t see your Facebook Page or Group on RecurPost, it’s likely that you haven’t granted us permission to:

  • Show a list of the Pages you manage
  • Create and manage content on your Page
  • Post content into groups on your behalf
  • Manage and access Page conversations in Messenger
  • Access your Page and App insights
  • Read content posted on the Page
  • Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page
  • Read user content on your Page
  • Manage comments on your Page

How to fix: To grant us permission to post on your behalf, you need to click on ‘Edit Settings‘ option when adding the page or group and enable all the groups/pages you see in the list and then allow all the permissions.

In case you do not see the ‘Edit Settings‘ option then you can also go to your Facebook Settings > Business Integrations > View and edit (for RecurPost) and then turn on all the permissions.

Once we have all the permissions of posting and list of your groups/pages then RecurPost should be able to display all your groups/pages.

3. You deselected some options while reviewing what you allow for that Page or Group: When adding a Facebook Page or Group, you might have deselected some options under the ‘Choose what you allow‘ option when prompted or you might have clicked on ‘Not Now‘.

– How to fix: When adding a Page or Group, do NOT click on either of the two options: ‘Choose what you allow‘ and ‘Not Now‘ when prompted. You can simply click on ‘OK‘ and you’ll be able to see your Page or Group instantly. Again, if you did that you will need to go to the Business integration and check everything that is currently unchecked again.

how to fix - recurpost - social media scheduler
step to fix issue - recurpost - social media scheduler

4. You’re not an Admin of FB page: To be able to add your Facebook Page to RecurPost, you must have Admin access to that page. Please note that this is not applicable in case of FB Group.

How to Fix: You will need to ask the admin of your Facebook Page to grant you admin access before you can add any pages to RecurPost.

5. You’re not logged into your original Facebook profile: It’s likely that you are logged into a different Facebook profile which is not associated with your FB page or Group.

How to fix: Make sure you are logged into the Facebook profile that is the admin of the Facebook Page that you’re trying to add on RecurPost. For FB Group, please make sure you are logged into the Facebook profile that is the admin/member of the FB Group you’re trying to add.

My Pages/Groups Still Don’t Appear! What Do I Do?

In very rare cases, you may not be able to see your Facebook Pages or Groups even after applying all the solutions mentioned above.

Don’t worry, you can simply delete the RecurPost app from your Facebook business integrations and then re-add it. To do that, first head over to your Facebook Settings > Business Integrations > select RecurPost by clicking on the checkbox beside its icon then click on Remove.

Before removing the Recur Post app, you will see ‘Delete posts, videos or events that Recur Post posted on your timeline‘ option on the last pop-up, please make sure you do NOT select that option as this will delete all posts, photos and videos on Facebook that you might have posted through RecurPost. In case you do, we will NOT be able to recover ANY of the previously posted contents.

Without selecting this option, remove the RecurPost app from your business integrations and then you can simply add it again by going to your RecurPost dashboard > click on ADD button (from the bottom-right corner before ‘Manage’ button on dashboard) > Select Add Page or Group option under the Facebook icon to add it.

Please make sure you are logged into your right Facebook account and you are an admin of the Facebook Page that you’re trying to add to RecurPost (in case of Facebook page only).

We hope we were able to help you with this issue. Please feel free to contact us for any further queries.