Why are my Facebook.com links not working?

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There may be cases where you are unable to post certain updates using facebook.com links. This is due to a technical limitation imposed by Facebook in the aim to protect their users’ privacy.

You may see an error like such:

Facebook error: Permissions error (code 200, subcode 1609008)

Facebook.com links can be of different types and Facebook’s privacy restrictions may end up rendering some links not usable. You can take a look at different links here:

Type of linkPublish through RecurPost on Facebook PagePublish through RecurPost on Facebook Group
Facebook EventNoNo
Facebook GroupNoYes
Admin post in Facebook GroupNo*Yes
Member post in closed Facebook GroupNoYes
Member post in public Facebook GroupNoYes
Facebook PageYesYes
Facebook Page post/photoYesYes
Facebook Page videoYesYes
Facebook Page photo albumYesYes
Facebook Profile (link to someone’s personal profile)YesYes
Facebook Profile post (someone’s personal post)YesYes

*If a user wants to publish an admin post of his closed Facebook Group onto their Facebook Page, he must link that group with the page which automatically gives admin access of the group to the page.