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Why are my links not working?

Disclaimer: Last updated on 15th October 2021 as per Facebook’s changes.

There may be cases where you are unable to share certain posts using links. This is due to a technical limitation imposed by Facebook in the aim to protect their users’ privacy.

You can share the links such as, Links to Facebook Groups, Links to Group posts, Links to Facebook Pages, Links to Page posts, videos, photos, or albums and Links to Personal profiles. links can be of different types and here are some of the Facebook links which can be shared from RecurPost.

  • Link to Facebook Event
  • Link to Facebook Group
  • Link to admin post in Facebook Group
  • Link to member post in private/closed Facebook Group
  • Link to member post in public Facebook Group
  • Link to Facebook Page
  • Link to Facebook Page post/photo
  • Link to Facebook Page video
  • Link to Facebook Page photo album
  • Link to Facebook Profile
  • Link to Facebook Profile post

Note: (1) Due to Facebook’s Terms of Service, we aren’t able to show the preview of Facebook links such as or domain when you add a post in RecurPost.

(2) When you share links from RecurPost then, sometimes you might see the link preview on your post on Facebook, and sometimes the preview of the link will be missing. This is because Facebook controls link preview based on the privacy settings of your post or the privacy settings set on Facebook Profile, Page and Group.