Twitter’s new scheduling changes and RecurPost

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Since you are a social media enthusiast, you might have heard of all the bad things people do to misuse Twitter. Be it the spammy affiliate Tweets, cam girls or people trying to influence voters’ decision, there is always someone looking to game the system.

Social platforms keep taking actions to limit such use at a regular basis. Recently Facebook limited the ability to customize the title and description of a shared link. Now, Twitter has come up with some really strict rules.

Twitter announced in February 2018 that they will make a few policy changes to prevent bots and fake accounts from using Twitter.

In order to make sure that your account is 100% safe and complies with every single Twitter guideline, we are going to make some changes to RecurPost.

We have always been in compliance with Twitter’s rules and keeping it that way empowers us to assure you that you can use RecurPost without any worries.

So, what’s changing in Twitter’s TOS, and how does it affect your RecurPost account?

First change is that you cannot post the same Tweet on multiple Twitter accounts. 

This change prevents someone from creating thousands of phony accounts that can get a hashtag trending on Twitter by posting it on every account in one go.

Any scheduling tool out there needs to follow these guidelines. If they are not doing so, your account is at risk with them.

Fortunately, RecurPost is making this change. You will not be able to select multiple accounts while posting. You can only post one Tweet on one Twitter account and thus your account will be safe.

Second change is that you cannot post the same Tweet even on the same account more than once.

Yes, that means recycling is dead (read on though…we have a new feature for you).

You may have written an evergreen blog that will benefit the readers forever, but you will only be able to share it on Twitter once.

How is RecurPost affected?

We at RecurPost are going to comply with Twitter’s guidelines. Hence, we will not be able to share the same Tweet on your account multiple times. Also, we will not be able to post the same Tweet on multiple accounts.

However, we are working on a new way to create a Tweet. You will be able to add variations to your Tweet. While your image, video or link can stay the same, you will be able to add multiple variations to your message.

Each variation of your message will be considered a new Tweet and hence every variation can go out once. We will also tell you how many variations you have and how many of them have already been posted.

You can then simply add more variations or edit the ones that have gone out. Every new variation will go out on Twitter just fine.

This way, we will continue your recycling while keeping your account safe.

This will be live by 23rd of March, the date when Twitter’s changes come into effect.

Long story short?

RecurPost will let you add variations for each Tweet. You can always add more variations to a Tweet at any time.

As long as there is at least one variation that has not been already Tweeted, your Tweets will go out fine. Once we have posted every variation, you will need to add more variations for your Tweets to go out as per your schedule.

Thank you for your support. We will make sure your account is 100% safe and your social strategy is executed uninterrupted without requiring a lot of time from you. A positive side of this Twitter change is that you will see more meaningful results from Twitter.


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