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Why RecurPost No longer Offers Free Social Media Scheduling

Update: RecurPost has always been a free social media scheduling tool and we are proud of that. However, we had to stop offering our free plan after 4 years. It got to a point where we could not afford to support any new free users. Hence to keep the lights on we had to stop offering a free plan.

Even though we have removed free social media scheduling, we have kept our pricing plans super affordable. There are plans suitable for everyone from small businesses to large-scale enterprises, from bloggers to coaches, and from freelancers to in-house marketing teams.

Are we going to keep the lights on with free social media scheduling?

Interestingly, we keep getting this question. We believe it is a fair question to ask. You don’t want to spend your time with a company that might not exist in a few years.

Fortunately, our post scheduling is better than many of our competitors. We have seen people moving over to RecurPost from competing services. They were already able to afford higher prices and thus they were ready to start with our paid plans. Currently, 3% of our users convert from the free social media scheduling plan to the paid plan. This has helped us reach an already profitable status and we continue to increase our revenues and profits.

We also have an affiliate program that helped us grow with social media influencers. This has also increased our financial growth along with our affiliate partners. If you have an audience you might want to jump on our affiliate program for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Will RecurPost always offer free social media scheduling?

Within 6 months of operations, we were profitable and we have never looked back since. We did not have to spend any money on paid traffic to grow this far. Although we are going to start allocating a budget for marketing activities starting this year so that we can grow at a faster speed.

As we grow faster, we will be able to offer you more features and based on those features there may or may not be a cost associated with each feature. For instance, we do not allow free users to upload and schedule video posts. This is because storing video files has a cost attached to it and thus we cannot afford to offer free video scheduling.

Don't miss out on social media traffic!

No credit card required!