RecurPost Helps Add Variations To Comply With Twitter’s Policy Changes

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As we mentioned in our previous post, Twitter has announced changes in its policy that define how an automation tool can interact with Twitter. These changes affect social media scheduling tools like RecurPost and hence to comply with their rules we have made some changes to RecurPost.

We have pushed those changes live on RecurPost and in this post, we are going to share more details about them. While we had to change our social media scheduling algorithms for Twitter, the spirit has not changed. You can still share your content on Twitter from RecurPost.

However, you cannot continue to post the same content on Twitter multiple times. We have, however, found a way for you to quickly add content for Twitter in one go and not having to worry about it every day.

You can now add multiple variations to the message that goes along with your post. For instance, you can still recycle the same link, image, or video by simply changing the text that accompanies your post.

We call these additional messages “variations.” Each variation can be posted on Twitter once and after that, you can either edit an old variation or add a new one. You can add as many variations as you want to a post.

You will always see how many variations you added and how many of them are still good to go on Twitter.

Please note that these variations will not be used for any social platform other than Twitter. Your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram posts will continue to go out like they always do.

Here is a video detailing those changes and showing you how to use them:

These changes make sure that your account complies with Twitter guidelines 100%. You have nothing to worry about when you use RecurPost.

If you have a question on this, please feel free to reach out.


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