Posting on Instagram using RecurPost

  Social Updates, video tutorial

Posting on Instagram is slightly different than with other social platforms. Instagram doesn’t allow direct posting of content. Instead, you will need RecurPost and Instagram apps downloaded on your mobile phone.

You can start by scheduling a post for Instagram at a time of your choice or one suggested by us. When this time arrives, you will receive a push notification through the RecurPost App.

Please make sure that you have not stopped notifications from RecurPost. You can check this by going to your notification settings.

You need to click on the notification once you receive it. This will show the Instagram post that you have scheduled for the current time. The image and the text will be displayed for your final approval. Simply click to post it to Instagram. The text will be copied to your phone’s memory which you can then easily paste in the Instagram app. Also, your image or video will be copied over to your Instagram app.

Finally, we open your Instagram app where you can post your update.

You can find a video of the process here:



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