Is it possible to publish videos with RecurPost?

For Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, etc. we support native video posting.

Yes, RecurPost allows you to publish videos on your social accounts.

LinkedIn does not support posting videos natively on LinkedIn Profiles. However, in this case, RecurPost allows you to share a video that is hosted on our end. The entire process is the same as the native video posting.

Your viewers will be able to watch the video just fine when they click on it. This seamless experience makes RecurPost one of the rare tools that support video updates on multiple social networks.

This table summarizes our support:

PlatformVideo SupportType
Publish videos on Facebook PagesYesNative
Publish videos on Facebook GroupsYesNative
Publish videos on Facebook ProfilesYesNative
Publish videos on TwitterYesNative
Publish videos on InstagramYesNative
Publish videos on LinkedIn ProfilesYesRP Hosted
Publish videos on LinkedIn company pagesYesRP Hosted
Publish videos on Google My BusinessYesNative

You can see our tutorials on how to schedule updates using RecurPost here.

Difference between Videos Published Natively and RP hosted

A Native video is just like the one that you upload via the platform itself. Such as you can publish a video on Twitter using their website or using Twitter App. It has the same look and feel as the native video.

A RecurPost hosted video is stored on our servers. We create a good looking preview (static image) of that video with a play button in the middle. We send the link to that video to that platform along with this thumbnail.

People will see the thumbnail with the play button on their timeline, click on it, and they will see the video on RecurPost’s website. This works great as there is nothing else that you need to do on your end or anything special needed by your audience