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Is it possible to publish videos with RecurPost?

We support native video posting for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business.

Yes, RecurPost allows you to publish videos on your social accounts.

This table summarizes our support:

PlatformVideo Support Type
Publish videos on Facebook PagesYesNative
Publish videos on Facebook GroupsYesNative
Publish videos on Facebook ProfilesYesNot Natively
Publish videos on TwitterYesNative
Publish videos on InstagramYesNative
Publish videos on LinkedIn ProfilesYesNative
Publish videos on LinkedIn Company pagesYesNative
Publish videos on Google My BusinessYesNative
Publish videos on PinterestNo———

You can see our tutorials on how to schedule posts using RecurPost here.

A Native video is just like the one that you upload via the platform itself. Such as you can publish a video on Twitter using their website or using Twitter App. It has the same look and feels as the native video.