How To Upload Content Using Excel/CSV File


Uploading content using an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file is as easy as any other process on RecurPost. Here are the steps that will help you in doing the same.

Step 1: Select Your Library

The first step is to select the library that you want to add content to. You can easily find all your libraries under the section “Content Library.”

Step 2: Click on “Add in bulk”

Once you’ve selected your library, click on the little down arrow beside the Add an update button and then click on Add in bulk.

Step 3: Click on “Upload CSV File”

After you’re in the Upload Content in Bulk screen, click on the Upload CSV File button and you’ll see a little pop-up window.

If you would like, you can also download our FREE sample CSV file too. The sample file shows you the format for your Excel file. When you’re done preparing that, click on Upload CSV file and you’ll see a pop-up window of the following in the next step.

Step 4: Click on “Generate Preview”

Next, the window takes all the columns from your Excel or CSV file and visualizes them in front of you. You can select the 3 columns of your choice and skip the ones that you don’t want.

Please note that the title of the columns will be taken from your file. The titles mentioned in the image above are for simplicity.

Once you’ve made your pick, you can easily select which column performs which function i.e. as a message, post URL, or image URL.

Once you’ve selected the respective fields, you are good to go. Click on the Generate preview button and from there on you’ll be able to visualize how your content will look on social media. Here’s a little screenshot of how it will look like:

In the preview, you can add all sorts of changes. You can add messages, save your content as a draft until a particular date, and select when you want to stop recycling your content.

Step 5: Click on “Add to library”

Now that you are happy with everything, you can simply add everything to your selected library and it will show up in the exact form that you saved it.


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