How To Add A Content Library


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Content libraries allow you to categorize your social updates into manageable silos. Dividing your content into different categories makes it easier for you to schedule your content.

For instance, if you create four libraries: Twitter Morning, Twitter Afternoon, Twitter Evening and Twitter Night it is easier to later schedule your content. Furthermore, diving content into libraries like My Blog, Other People’s Content, Interesting Questions and Witty Quotes you can easily manage and schedule your content. It also helps you execute your content curation strategies in a managed way.

Now, let’s move to the How part.

Click on Content Library and you should see a list containing all of your libraries. If you haven’t created any library yet, you will not see anything on that page.

To add a library, click on the Add new library button on the top right.

add new library-recurpost-social media scheduler

While creating a library, you need to set three things

  1. Name of the library: Give it a meaningful name so that you know what it is when you see the name appear at different places. For instance, if you call your library “My library #1” it will become confusing when you look at your reports. Instead of naming your libraries like “Product Catalogue – Twitter” and “Product Catalogue – Facebook” gives you a clear picture of what content is going to be in that library.
  2. Color of the library: If you are a visual person then you should choose different colors for different libraries. If you are managing multiple clients/profiles, assigning a separate color to each one helps you understand your reports better.
  3. One-time use library: At times you don’t want a library to post content multiple times. For instance, if you create a library that gets content through Google Alerts, you may not want to post those social updates in a recurring manner. If that is the case you should check this box.

add content library - recurpost - social media scheduler

Your library is all set up. Go ahead and add new content!