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Affiliate Program FAQs

We have an affiliate program that is creating significant monetary value for our affiliates. If you are an entrepreneur, this is an excellent opportunity to promote a valuable tool and earn extra income. Below are some common questions about our affiliate program and their corresponding answers.

Where do I sign up for the affiliate program?

You can sign up for our affiliate program through this page. It has all the information you shall need to start making money.

Kindly note that our affiliate program may be modified in order to better meet the needs of our affiliate partners or our business. We will make an effort to inform you of any changes, but we suggest you regularly check the affiliate program page for any updates.

How much does it pay?

We have updated our affiliate commission structure to better align with industry standards and reward our valued partners. Below are the revised commission rates:

  • For 1-9 referrals per month, you will receive 15% of the order sale amount.
  • For 10-14 referrals per month, you will receive 20% of the order sale amount for all 10-14 referrals.
  • For 14-20 referrals per month, you will receive 25% of the order sale amount for all 14-20 referrals.
  • For 20 or more referrals per month, you will receive 30% of the order sale amount for all 20+ referrals.

Please note that the commissions shall be on a non-recurring basis.

What if I send someone and they sign up for free trial and then convert later?

As long as they sign up for a paid plan within the first 6 months of your referral, we shall credit you for them.

This is a free trial as they may sign up from our emails we send to our visitors and you will still get credited for telling them about us.

Don’t wait now, go ahead and email your affiliate link to your mailing list and even put the link on your website to start making money on side.