Affiliate Program FAQs

  Affiliate Program

We have a great affiliate program that is making our affiliates decent amount of money. If you are an entrepreneur this is a great way to introduce people to a great tool and in the process make some money. Here are the frequently asked questions about our affiliate program and their answers:

Where do I sign up for the affiliate program?

You can sign up for our affiliate program via this page. It has all the information you need to start making money.

How much does it pay?

Our affiliate program pays almost 20% recurring revenue (less a little fee). That means, if you send 10 people to us you can make up to $100 a month every month.

What if I send someone and they sign up for free plan and then convert later?

As long as they sign up for a paid plan within first 6 months of your referral, we will credit you for them.