RecurPost Fights Misuse of Its Generous Free Plan


We at RecurPost believe in the power of small businesses. We understand that small businesses cannot always afford the services that their larger counterparts enjoy. Hence, we decided to include a FREE plan from day one.

Our free plan powers small businesses to manage up to 3 of their social profiles without paying anything. There is no time limit on this plan either. You can use it as long as you see fit and will need to upgrade to a paid plan only when you have outgrown the limit of 3 social accounts.

However, this resulted in a problem for us. People started misusing our services. People who wanted to manage more than 3 profiles at the same time simply started creating multiple free RecurPost accounts. We as a startup company cannot afford this kind of exploitation of our free services.

Therefore, we had to place some checks in our system to avoid this. Now, when you try to add your account, we look for other profiles/pages/groups that you also administer. If any of those is already using RecurPost, you wouldn’t be able to create another RecurPost account.

This essentially wiped all the misusers. However, it created a little inconvenience for some genuine users. For instance, if you already have your own RecurPost account and now want to set up your partner’s account on RecurPost, you will not be able to create a separate account for them. This will happen only if you were an admin on their pages to be managed by RecurPost.

However, your partner can undoubtedly set up his own account. Your partner will be able to add their Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts just fine as long as they are not an admin on yours.

Please bear with this little inconvenience as it helps us keep RecurPost alive and running. We are constantly trying to optimize RecurPost and make it available for everyone as future changes are constantly being worked on.