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Can I keep a Post as a Draft? When will it Expire?

You can indeed keep the post as a draft until you want it to start going out to your social accounts. Keeping the post as a draft basically means that it’s on standby.

When adding a new post in your library, we give you the option to keep it as a draft and also to stop recurring it after a certain date.

You can find this feature when creating a new post in your library. To create a new post, simply go to the Recurring Posts page and click on ADD POST.

For better understanding, let’s assume you want to keep your post as a draft until 1st January 2022 and you want to stop recycling it after 20th January 2022.

This means that your post will start going out to your social account recurringly according to your schedule from 1st January 2022 to 20th January 2022.

To turn both of these features ‘ON’, tick both boxes and set up your dates according to your preferences.

Once you’re done with that, click on ‘Add to library’. Your post is now created and can be found by clicking on the ‘Draft‘ option as shown below.

Once your post passes the draft date, i.e. 1st January 2022 in this case, it will automatically move into active posts and be added at the bottom under your existing posts and start going out to your social accounts recurringly as per your schedule.

After the last date of its use, i.e. 20th January 2022, it will be removed from your library and go to the ‘Expired Content’ library.

If you wish to reuse your expired posts, you can do so by simply copying your expired post to one or more of your libraries.

For reusing your expired post, click on the copy button beside the post. Then, select the library in which you want to copy the expired post.

Then, click ‘Copy‘.

Keep in mind that selecting both the options i.e. ‘Keep as a draft until’ and ‘Do not recur after’ is not mandatory. You can use both features independently.

For instance, if you want your post to simply stop going out to your social accounts after a certain date, use ‘Do not recur after’ only.

On the other hand, if you wish to keep it as a draft and post it indefinitely, then only use the ‘Keep as a draft only’ option. After the due date, your post will keep going out to your social account endlessly.

Please note that both of these features do not apply to one-time use posts because they do not repeat in cycles but are used just once.

Thanks for reading this guide! If you still have any queries regarding it, feel free to contact us at