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Are you looking to add Instagram and Pinterest to RecurPost?

We are working on our Android and iOS Apps. As soon as we have those ready, we will start supporting Instagram on RecurPost.  Pinterest is also being worked upon so you can expect that to be added shortly.

How many social media accounts can I connect?

We allow for multiple accounts, the number of social media accounts you can connect depends on the RecurPost plan you opt for. Check out our Plans page to see how many accounts you can connect with different plans.

Note: A Facebook page, group, and profile each will count as a separate account. For instance, if your account has one Facebook profile, one Twitter profile, one LinkedIn profile, and one Facebook group, that would be count as 4 total accounts.

Can I only add one account of each type under free plan?

No, there is no restriction like that. If you like, feel free to manage 3 different Twitter accounts or manage 1 Twitter account and 2 LinkedIn accounts. It is totally up to you.

I have added my Facebook profile, how do I add another profile?

We have made it pretty simple. All you need to do is logout from your current Facebook account and login to the one you want to add. Then go to Social accounts menu and you will be able to add your new account.